“Bringing to Perth what it never had”

Time for a Change

Owner/ Creator Harriet Banda-Zwaan, the University qualified busy mum of three, people communicator and a modern fashionista has recognised the need for something ‘little bit different’, and did not hesitate to bring that dream into reality.

Not long after, from love for class and style, thousands hours of meticulous work, and passion-driven determination, a new addition to the family was born, called Bantu. The home of extraordinary female online fashion, brought to you from the far land(s) of Africa to Western Australia, over East and World-wide

Passion for Fashion

Bantu is a home to all creative, colourful and unique. In a word, we are: “extraordinary”.

It is here to ‘make a difference’ in the ever changing, ever growing, and ever challenging fashion industry and is here to ‘fill the gap’ in what Perth has never seen, to fulfil its desires…

Our vision is to bring you a little piece of uniqueness into your own wardrobe, your home, your everyday life, turning it from ‘little ordinary’ to “extraordinaire!”
So you can enjoy your own new style of timeless luxury, today & tomorrow

My Life before Bantu

I moved to Perth from Lusaka in 2003 to create a life in this ever so vibrant, expanding, multicultural Western Australian world that allows the potential and expansion while keeping things close-knit & personal. This move has given me the opportunities I have today as well as the background and understanding of what makes Bantu products original, in the most authentic ways possible – a true hands-on expertise!

I have always had passion for fashion and people interaction, and qualified as a Human Resources professional in 2010. Working within the HR industry, while enjoying its challenges and the career growth, over the past few years it has become very clear which profession will prevail; -one that brings People and Fashion Together!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Bantu as much as I have creating it and that you celebrate with me life’s little•big moments and successes in the best way possible – en vogue!

Be creative • Be colourful • Be unique